Occasus Construction, LLC
Occasus is owned and operated by family and friends, with its roots in rural America.  Our founding member has over 30 years of hands-on construction experience from contracting high-end custom homes to site management of complex commercial structures with clients such as USAFA, DOI, Port Of Houston Authority, and CH2MHILL.  But when it comes to construction, we enjoy building anything and everything, from small residential projects to complex commercial challenges.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help make your project affordable with quality above your expectations.
occasus: latin: ok'ka:.sus
1. setting of the sun
2. west
Occasus Construction, LLC is a for-profit company.  But at Occasus Construction, unlike many companies, we are not driven by profit.  Yes, we do of course strive for financial gain to provide for our families, but our true success is motivated by, measured by, and based upon our client relationships and longevity.  Our rates are not only based on competitive pricing, but how much we can additionally save you, without comprissing quality and time, achieved with proficiency and experience.  At Occasus Construction, if we're constructing, we're doing what we enjoy and we're doing it well.  And if doing it well makes you happy, we envision that'll keep us building.
What you can expect from Occasus Construction:
We only accept what we can handle.  Once we arrive on site, we will dedicate our resources to your project until completion, on schedule.  You will receive communication from us on a daily basis with project reports, quality control assurance, schedule updates and a photo diary.  As we guarantee our work to your satisfaction, we will confirm your specifications, change orders, and acceptance at each phase.  Upon completion after the final walk-through, you will receive a four-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.  We define our workmanship above the industry standards.  Thank you for considering Occasus Construction.